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Environmental Heating Solutions
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Premier Hearth and Chimney Sweep Specialist
Serving Winston Salem and surrounding areas.

Heatmor Outdoor Furnaces , Buck Stove Insert Wood Stoves, Solar Thermal Heating,  Hydronic Heating for hot water and Radiant Floor Heating.
Environmental friendly products to heat your world!

3319 US Hwy 158 Mocksville, NC 27028

Heatmor Outdoor Wood Furnaces

HEAVY GAUGE 409 STAINLESS STEEL is used in all assemblies that come in contact with fire and water, protects against corrosion and warpage, increasing the life of your furnace up to three times longer than mild steel.

Buck's Insert Wood Stove

MODEL 74 is a non-catalytic unit designed to meet the most stringent emissions
standards without use of a catalytic combustor. This effect is achieved through use of
secondary air which is mixed with primary air in unit’s firebox.

HotBox Wood Stove

-All Heavy Gauge Steel
-American Made
Firebox Dimensions: 23 1/2” wide x 25” deep JR
Firebox Dimension: 23 1/2” wide x 32 1/2” deep SR 

Chimney Sweep Services

Avoid unnecessary chimney fires, let us clean and inspect your chimneys, before this season use. It is better to be safe, than sorry!  Burn your wood with confidence, knowing that your chimney is clean and safe.


  • Clint Boggs and his team did a great job in cleaning my chimney, and repairing my Hardy Solar  Water Stove. The solar is working better than ever!  They have been taking care of my stove for 6 years,

    Thanks Clint

    Stephen H.
    Water Stove Customer
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Solar House

Generate your own electricity with solar power provided by the sun.

You can heat your hot water and your home.


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3319 US Hwy 158
Mocksville, NC 27028

Phone: (336) 998-8799
Fax: +1 (0) 000 0000 002


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